This is a system that scales the sales force, encodes the knowledge of sales representatives and can contract deals on their behalf.  It might be used for running a general-purpose software agents with them aim to find acceptable agreements for any type of deal. In the implemented prototype, Zefiro drives customers with different preferences and behaviours towards the acceptance of the deal about car purchase. Zefiro is optimised by self-learning algorithms throughout negotiation simulations and prior marketing analytics. 
Try it on prototype page.

The purchase process begins when customers acknowledge a need and terminates when the deal closes. In the between, the game with salespeople brings information and selling tactics for leveraging emotions and psychology. Finding the right product to buy is sometimes as searching for a romantic match in a dating site. While the user swipes car images like in Tinder, the system already acquire the preferences to use later in the following guided selling when the app change UI for any type of interaction . That makes the process simple, attractive, funny and functional to reach the selling goal.